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Hands On Designs - 12 Days

Autoship Available!

This series starts in January, 2017 and will consist of 6 charts with 2 designs each.  Our package features the first chart, two pieces of the Aztec Gingham Linen and all the threads to complete the entire series.  We'll be happy to autoship future charts along with two pieces of linen and buttons needed for the designs each month.

Nashville Release
Days 3 and 4
Buttons for both designs $6.00
28 count Aztec Gingham linen (2 pieces) $7.00 each

Days 1 and 2
Retail Price for the First Chart, 2 pieces of Linen, Buttons for the First Chart, and Threads for the entire series: $76.54
Special Package Price:  $66.00

Chart $10.00
32 count Aztec Gingham linen (2 pieces)
$7.00 each
Buttons for both designs $6.00
DMC Floss: 738 (Qty 2) $.77 each
Gentle Arts: Carriage Black (Qty 2), Chives (Qty 2), Cornhusk (Qty 2), Mulberry (Qty 2), Old Brick (Qty 2)
$2.50 each
Weeks: Chestnut (Qty 2), Grits (Qty 2), Whiskey (Qty 2)
$2.50 each

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